Hook vs The Modern World.

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make me choosemaxcarvers asked: grant gustin or nico mirallegro 

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80-82/100 photos of Chris Evans

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Title: 5,000 Candles in the Wind
Artist: Mouse Rat
Played: 4607 times


5000 Candles in the Wind//Mouserat

Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian
Miss you in the saddest fashion
Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian
You’re 5000 candles in the wind
Maybe someday we’ll saddle up again
And I know I’ll always miss my horsiest friend

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If it can be  b r o k e n, it means it still works.

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Australian cast of The Lion King sings on a plane.  Because actors are nerds no matter where they are.

Are tears what you wanted because that was fucking beautiful.

ohhh my god that was beautiful.

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Emma Stone at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere in London.

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words i use in every sentence:

  • no
  • stop
  • dude
  • literally
  • like
  • seriously
  • fuck

That’s a sentence right there

Forwards and backwards

You can rearrange them in any order and it’ll be a sentence

ladies and gentlemen the extensive vocabulary of tumblr

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