….and Killian..

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Another time, perhaps.

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4x03 vs. 4x22

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Captain America: 2014 US Olympic Hockey Team

Zach Parise 

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"I remember ‘Booze Cruise.’ I remember being on the top of that boat and shooting that scene and sort of having that impulse to look behind me to see if anybody was going to call ‘Cut!’ or anything. It just seemed like this isn’t how it’s done in television or anything having to do with a camera. This is only in real life that someone would take forever to say ‘I love you’ or be so nervous that no words come out or some of these things that are so real." - John Krasinski

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Rewatching | Chuck S01E03

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Captain Swan Appreciation Week 2.0day 3
favourite relationship development

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The way Hook looks at Emma in 3X06

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Look at that, he has to actually swallow and compose himself and he just looks so miserable and defeated already but he soldiers on and I have never been more proud.

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“Sonny, I’m not sure I’ll find the words when I see you, and I want to make sure I get this right. I never thought I’d get another chance with the only guy that I have ever loved, so thank you for being patient, and generous, and for loving me as much as I love you, and most of all, thank you for giving me a second chance. Love, Will”

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“…..and I’m like that’s my kid you know. I have a daughter and I started thinking about all the stuff we could do together. It was like I could take her camping in the summer. We could go ice-skating in the winter.”

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