klaine week 2014
↳day 4: favorite musical moment(s) in season 5

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60 Days Klaine Hiatus Challenge Day 7: Favorite Klaine Outfits 

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klaine week 2014
↳day 2: moments that made me smile/cry during season 5

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Klaine Week 2014 Day 1: favorite quotes from season five

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We’re really doing it. Living together, building a future together.
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klaine + being a pair of old married lovebirds
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This whole “privacy curtains between the bedrooms” thing is stupid, come on. We can hear every single noise our roommates make at night, and god knows what they hear from us.

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They say that home is where the heart is, that no matter where you go or what you do, there is one place where your heart finds comfort. You’ll realize that it’s not a place but a person who ultimately makes you feel that way. You’re at peace with that person, and that’s what it should be like. That is why the person you marry should be your best friend, because with that person, no matter where you are, you’re home.

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I’m not really good at talking about my feelings, I’m much better at singing them.

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He’s the love of my life and nothing and no one is going to come between us.

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Trust is a choice. Everyday we’re going to roll out of bed and send each other into the world, just trusting that we have each other’s backs. We will slip up, and we will be scared, but I choose to trust and to love you through everything.

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