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anonymous asked: glee in lima or new york? 

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@msleamichele: The adventures of #Daleastreet continues! I ❤️ these boys!

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I have chlamydia.

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Do you know what an S.T.D. is? It’s a sexually transmitted disease, and the numbers are sky-rocketing. And don’t think you’re not in danger just because you’re…
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@msleamichele: The adventures of #Daleastreet continues! I ❤️ these boys!

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DarrenCriss: The adventures of #DaLeaStreet continue… @chordoverstreet @msleamichele

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5x17 “Opening Night” - Stills

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“I was an unemployed struggling actor watching this Glee thing do well and so quite often I’ll slip outside of my body and be like, ‘You’re on Glee? Like, you?’ So it’s very humbling, it’s very strange, it’s surreal, it’s bizarre, it’s very fun. But I don’t ever get jaded by it - I still wake up every morning and take pictures of people doing stuff, like, ‘Oh, sorry!’ Even though they are colleagues and they’re friends now.”

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