As first rumored by Casey Barrett of, and confirmed as fact tonight by former Morning Swim Show host Peter Busch and current NBC-2 news anchor in Florida, the Baltimore Bullet has grown bored with the lack of structure of his current lifestyle and will shortly be back in the saddle in Colorado Springs with mentor Bob Bowman. 

Phelps, who spent the day swimming laps at the Interlachen Country Club as evidenced by a tweet by lifeguard Stephen Timmes, has grown to miss the structure that a competitive swimming lifestyle provides. 

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Michael Phelps on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 2/25/13

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smiling michael is my favorite

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DAT hair hahahaha so adorable!

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Michael Phelps attends The Official Training Restaurant of the Phelps Family and event organized by the food company Subway in NYC. 

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50 men that I want in my bed || #1 Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps → Ryder Cup

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Michael Phelps → Ryder Cup Captains and Celebrity Scramble
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Michael Phelps “The Haney Project”

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