THE FLASH 2014 TV SERIES: Official “Promo/Trailer” Grant Gustin [HD]

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I used to pretend I was Superman and Danny Zuko. I’m pretty much still doing the same thing.

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make me choosemaxcarvers asked: grant gustin or nico mirallegro 

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Grant Gustin on the set of reshooting The Flash 4/10/14 (Part 1) [10+ HQ pictures]

2021 week ago

Grant Gustin flashes a peace sign as he leaves Cafe Artisiano with some takeout in hand on Tuesday (March 18) in Vancouver, Canada.  [Source]

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“Holy shit. Do you guys remember this kid? Have you seen the pictures of him as The Flash? It’s him in his suit as The Flash. He’s The Flash. He got cast as The Flash. […] No, but he’s like, it’s a huge thing.”
— Darren Criss talking about Grant Gustin as The Flash [source] (via grantgustinnews)

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First look on set photos of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

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