"Three years ago I thought I had it all. I was the quarterback of the football team. I was dating the head cheerleader. And then I met you, Mr. Schue, and I realised everything I was missing. There’s a lot of great teachers at this school, who teach their students a lot of important stuff, like how to drive and fractions. But you teach your students how to dream. And as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing more important than that."

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“Finn is an easy character to miss, because he’s very affable, he’s very “aww shucks!” [...]. There’s that quality about Finn that is just, it’s easy to miss. You’d miss that. If a relative of yours was like that, and then they left - you’d miss them.” 

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Finn Hudson Minimalist - the hardest word to say is " goodbye " (Cory Monteith 1982-2013)

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remember the love

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The show must go…all over the place…or something.

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blood brothers in the stormy night
with a vow to defend
no retreat, baby
no surrender

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Finn Hudson (1994-2013)

"The show must go all over the place… or something."

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Finn Hudson Meme
↳[7/10] Quotes

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finn/puck | firsts and lasts

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