get luck friday night (x)

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@msleamichele: The adventures of #Daleastreet continues! I ❤️ these boys!

31811 week ago
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DarrenCriss: The adventures of #DaLeaStreet continue… @chordoverstreet @msleamichele

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@chordover Last one of these…

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Chord Overstreet + his new hairstyle. 

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chordoverDancing w the ultimate star @msamberpriley. She has no clue! This need to be the next planking

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The adventures of #Daleastreet! @chordoverstreet & @DarrenCriss

6663 weeks ago

@msleamichele: The adventures of #Daleastreet! @chordoverstreet & @DarrenCriss

19033 weeks ago

@msleamichele The adventures of #Daleastreet! @chordoverstreet & @DarrenCriss 

25713 weeks ago

chordover: On a rooftop for lunch w my friends @msleamichele and @darrencriss

29283 weeks ago

@chordoverstreet: Bed head!!

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